Mentoring / New Clerks Committee

The MTCA’s Mentoring Committee is charged with developing a suitable curriculum to assist new Clerks in establishing their offices and establishing a mentoring network for support.  There are 4 workshops being held over the course of a year as part of the Mentoring Committees commitment to the MTCA’s objectives.  All New Clerks, 4 years or under are encouraged to attend.  Seasoned Clerks and any of their staff members are welcome to attend as well.  

The following documents are created and maintained by the Mentoring Committee:

  • Qualifications to become a member of the Mentoring Committee 
  • Mentor and/or hosting requirements & responsibilities

MTCA members can access the New Clerk Welcome Packet and Mentoring Session Powerpoints & Sample documents at the following link:  New Clerk Mentoring Members Only Resources

For issues with log in to the MTCA members only section of the website please contact that membership benefits coordinator (current clerk and contact information can be found on our Membership Page).


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