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SEPTEMBER 1st is the new FY dues deadline to maintain last years benefits.
Choose your membership type based on membership benefits:
Membership Benefit AccessTown Active Membership

Staff Member in Clerks Office**

Associate MemberAffiliate (City) Member
Conferences YESYES**YESYES
Mentoring SessionsYESYES**YESYES
Education TrackingYESNOYESYES
Voting MemberYESNONONO
Google Email GroupYESYES**YESYES
Website Members OnlyYESYES**YESYES
*Scholarships are only available to Clerks & Assistants (with permission from the Clerk).
**Staff Members in the Town Clerks Office, without an associate membership, must obtain Clerks permission
Questions please contact:
MembershipPatricia Bessette, AvonmembershipMTCA@gmail.com508-588-0414 x1013
MTCA Gmail AccountNancy Burnhamtownclerk@townofathol.org798-249-4551
Website Members OnlyKelly

508-747-1620 ext 10170

Education TrackingAmy Akellamya@ipswichma.gov978-356-6677
ScholarshipsDanielle M Sicard - 1st 508-230-0530
Conference Registrations & CMMCBarbara LaBombardconferenceMTCA@gmail.com413-529-1400
Instructions for completing your membership Dues form - DEADLINE SEPT 1st:
  • Use ONE form for everyone in your town by completing the office staff information section.  This allows the Clerk to determine access to membership benefits.
  • Office Staff Information section:    You MUST include information for staff in your office when one of the following may apply:
    • You want the Staff person to be an Associate Member (recommended if looking to track class attendance)
    • You want to provide a membership benefit for them (access to google email or the MTCA Members only section of the website)
    • You believe they may attend a conference and you want to grant them permission to attend
  • When submitting the payment please have your accounting department verify the mailing address listed on the form (this would not be the same place they would be mailing registration forms for conferences or mentoring sessions).   
  • A form is required with the payment.  We encourage you to email a scanned copy of your form to when you submit it to be paid so we have it and all the important information on it when the check arrives.
  • Date first became a clerk - this is the original date (not new one if you moved to a new town) as this is how we do clerk of the year pins, CMMC or mentor qualifications.