Membership Benefits Flyer (see attached)

FY18 Blank Membership Dues Form (see attached)

Instructions for completing your membership Dues form:

  • Use ONE form for everyone in your town by completing the office staff information section.  This allows the Clerk to determine access to membership benefits.
  • Office Staff Information section:    ONLY include information for staff that qualify in one of the 3 manners:
    • You want the Staff person to be an Associate Member
    • You want to provide a membership benefit for them (access to google email or the MTCA Members only section of the website)
    • You believe they may attend a conference and you want to grant them permission to attend
  • When submitting the payment please let your accounting department know that there is a new ADDRESS which the forms should be sent to. 
  • A form is required with the payment.  Often times we do not get the form with the payment so please feel free to fax or email a copy of your form at time of submittal so we have it when the check arrives.

Clerk Change Form (see attached)

Retiree & Transitional Membership Form (see attached)

For questions, please contact:
Lynn Sibley
MTCA Assistant Treasurer
413-665-4400 x3


Nancy Talbot
413-967-9648 x177