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“Thanks” to Wendy Mickel of Westborough, on behalf of the MA Town Clerks Association, I am pleased to inform all of you that we have chosen a new vendor for the MA Town Clerks Badges that all of you have asked about for some time now! I really hope you will be happy with what was chosen.

The picture of the badge displayed, is clearly indicative of the time and effort that went into choosing the “new look”. In true tradition to the former white badge in the shape of our state and our MTCA logo on the most recent gold badge we now have the best of both!

mtca badge

Depending on what you choose, both your name and the town you represent, or any additional credentials you may want to include, the choice is yours. Keep in the more you use the smaller your name may appear on the badge.

“Thanks” also to Kelly Mc Elreath, she has provided the order sheet on the MTCA website in an effort to make this available to you now if you are interested; or in the future for anyone seeking to either replace an existing badge, or for any new clerks interested. Ordering can be done individually or collectively with a group of you. The information is clear on how to order directly from the vendor.

To order or get information, go to the MTCA website – Members only section. You may also click here: .

Nancy Talbot – MTCA President

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