EV Task Force

The Massachusetts Town Clerks Association was very active in trying to collect data to assist the Election Task Force regarding Early Voting after the 2016 Presidential Election.  We value the opportunity we have been given to have a seat at the table and we are confident that we will be able to add some valuable insight and data to the Task Force discussion.  Based on the survey results, the MTCA has identified 5 key objectives for change based on the results from our early voting survey conducted. (see attached)   From the legislative stand point, we are looking to address 2 of these objectives:

  • Elimination of Early Voting by mail
  • Removal of the envelopes so ballots can be deposited directly into tabulators by voters

Also attached you will find the following analysis items from our early voting survey:

Executive Summary of Results – this is a high level summary analysis that points out the significant findings in the survey.

EV Survey Visual Results Data Analysis – this document contains the visual graphs and comment themes from all responses for each of the surveys topics.